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Pre-owned Big Brake Kit(Reconditioned)


Why do we choose pre-owned brake kit?

Pre-owned brake kit are brake components taken off another road car and retrofitting into your car using fitment bracket and rotor hub. These brake kits proved to be very successful in the market due to the way they were designed and packaged for ease of installation. These brake calipers are typically from high performance cars like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Cadillac and Tesla etc etc.  With these combinations, we are able to keep the cost lower for car enthusiasts to enjoy better braking.

Skeptic About pre-owned brake kit?

Many customers when buying pre-owned brake kit always has the very same questions in mind. Is the brake kit original?

The question is valid as there's alot of replicas out there risking other people life for profits.

Typically if you are worried about this questions, there's 2 options;

1. Get a trustworthy workshop that only supply you genuine kit. Here @Brakes4uSG, we only supply geniune pre-owned brake kit which is why our prices is higher over others. There's some really cheap sources out there and if you feel that it's worthy to put your life using those kit, think twice.

2. Get a brand new kit like Brembo Racing, Ap Racing which enable you to scan QR code. That why, you are sure of getting the best braking performance for your ride, you and your family. Here @Brakes4uSG, we are able to provide you brand new geniune Brembo GT and Race System / Alcon / Ap Racing for street/track enthusiasts.

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